[Eeglablist] plots in the wrong windows

Nathan Weisz Nathan.Weisz at uni-konstanz.de
Thu Nov 10 00:04:57 PST 2005

I get the same behaviour with component maps.
If you add a 'figure' command (assuming you use command line; access  
your eeglab commands with 'h') prior to you plotting command then  
this does not happen (you then have however an unsused figure window,  
but at least you see your component maps).
figure; plot_selectcomps(...)

Good luck,

On 09.11.2005, at 04:01, Hamish Innes-Brown wrote:

> This problem may be due to my MatLab skills being a little lacking  
> - when I plot either channel or component maps in 2-d, the first  
> plot goes in the new plot window, then all the others seem to try  
> and draw in the EEGLab window behind the text displayed in that  
> window.
> I've tried this on a few different PC's and always seem to end up  
> with the same result - has this happened to anyone else, or is  
> there a way to fix it?
> many thanks!
> I'm using EEGLab v4.515, MatLab 7R14 on WinXP (2x3.2Xeons, 2GB ram)
> Hamish Innes-Brown
> Mental Health Research Institute
> National Neuroscience Facility
> Level 2, 161 Barry St
> Carlton South VIC 3053
> Australia
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