[Eeglablist] eloc file for EGI hydrocel?

Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Tue Nov 22 15:28:54 PST 2005

Joseph Dien wrote:

> I only see .sfp files there.  The .sfp files are in 3D space  whereas 
> .eloc files (which is what I'm looking for) are for a 2D  plot.  Or 
> can eeglab read .sfp files now when doing topoplot?  I  looked through 
> the topoplot.m file and couldn't find any references  to such a 
> capability.

Yes, EEGLAB can read .sfp 3-D file and you should also be able to export 
to numerous 2-D or 3-D channel location formats if you wish. Type "help 
readlocs" to see the list of format available.

Best regards,


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