[Eeglablist] Using large datasets in EEGLab

Arnaud Delorme arno at salk.edu
Wed Nov 23 17:15:04 PST 2005

Dear Elin,

>I`ve run into the same problem ("Out of Memory" error message) when
>trying to run ICA on a file with 128 channels. I then "asked" Matlab
>about the prblem, and got the answear that I could use the "PACK
>command", my problem is that I don`t know where to use this command; is
>it in matlab (didn`t work by typing it...) or is it in Eeglab? Does
>anyone know how to do this?
Just type "pack" on the command line. Most likelly this will not help 
though. You simply do not have enough RAM.

>What I did find in Eeglab was a function under "File" named "Maximize
>memory", tried this, but it didn`t help!
You may use these options to reduce the amount of memory EEGLAB is using 
(not computing the ICA activation matrix for instance until a component 
activity is needed).

>Is there anyone out there who knows how much memory is needed to run ICA
>on 128 and 256 chanel data, the datasets are from 120 000 kB - 400 000
>I`m using Windows XP on a 1,5 GHz portable PC with 1.2GB of RAM.
I do not really know the answer to that question. I guess that 2Gb 
should be OK. If you are using Matlab 6.x, switch to Matlab 7 which uses 
half the memory.

Best regards,


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