[Eeglablist] Load ANT CNT data

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at fcdonders.ru.nl
Mon Dec 5 00:41:04 PST 2005

Dear Joseph and others

Recently I noticed both on and off the list that multiple people are  
having problems with the ANT format and the mex files.

I originally wrote the mex code for the ANT matlab importers, and  
also compiled the functions for various OSes and Matlab versions. ANT  
wrote some "glue" around it to make it into an EEGLAB plugin and is  
providing the collection of functions to their customers as a service  
(with my permission, I also gave them my c-code). See also http:// 
oase.uci.kun.nl/~roberto/index.php/eeprobe/ on my homepage.

The c-code underlying the mex files is not too elaborate (few hundred  
lines of code), but it calls several important functions from a c- 
library with the actual file i/o functions. Those functions have to  
do the dirty work like decompressing the data, since it is a complex  
and compressed dataformat.

I don't mind sharing the c-code of the mex files, so that you can  
compile it yourself, but it would be incomplete without the library.  
I got a copy of the C-library code from ANT when I was a customer  
from them (I moved to another lab since then, and am not using ANT  
software or hardware any more). Although the library with the i/o  
functions is called cntopenlib, I am not 100% sure about the  
agreement under which it was given to me, but I suspect that it is  
covered by the BSD license. I am also not sure whether the fileformat  
has changed since then, and/or whether the library has changed.

Since ANT does not seem to support the matlab mex files too actively,  
and since I am not using their format any more, it would be nice if  
someone else would take over the responsbility. I am cc'ing this to  
Maarten van der Velde from ANT in the hope that he will pick up this  
request and also take action in clarifying the legal status of their  
c-library. Later today I will put the c-code of the mex files on my  
homepage (the webaddress that I mentioned above) and you (or someone  
else) can compile it yourself and fix the version related bugs that  
recently appeared.

best regards,

PS this also applies to people using BIOSIG, since that is also using  
my mex files for the EEProbe formats.

Robert Oostenveld, PhD
F.C. Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging
Radboud University Nijmegen
phone: +31-24-3619695

> On 24-nov-2005, at 2:42, Joseph Dien wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    I just tried using this plug in too (version 1.02) for an  
>> ANT .cnt file using MATLAB 6.5 under Windows XP SP2 and with  
>> EEGlab 4.515.  I got the same error.  This was a fresh install of  
>> EEGlab and the plug-in (I had never used EEGlab on this machine  
>> before).  The file was about 10MB and the machine has 2GB so it  
>> was not an out-of- memory error.  Any suggestions?
>> Cheers!
>> Joe
>>> Dear Pandelis,
>>> Please make sure that you have the latest plugin for the ANT data  
>>> format
>>> (cnt, avr, trg), available from
>>>   http://www.ant-neuro.com
>>> under "Downloads".
>>> The latest version is contained in the file
>>> ant_matlab_importer_plugin_for_eeglab_v102.zip
>>> Another user of this plugin experienced the same problem, which  
>>> could be
>>> solved by deleting all files of the previous version of the plugin.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Maarten van de Velde
>>> Advanced Neuro Technology (ANT) B.V.
>>> The Netherlands
>>> Pandelis Perakakis wrote, On 02/11/2005 17:08 pm:
>>> > Hello,
>>> >
>>> > I am using MATLAB 7 with windows XP and the latest eeglab  
>>> version and
>>> > I have problems when trying to load data from ANT acquisition  
>>> software
>>> > (cnt extension). Matlab crashes and I get the following message  
>>> (along
>>> > with other information about the crash):
>>> >
>>> > "This error was detected while a MEX-file was running.  If the  
>>> MEX-file
>>> > is not an official MathWorks function, please examine its  
>>> source code
>>> > for errors.  Please consult the External Interfaces Guide for  
>>> information
>>> > on debugging MEX-files.
>>> >
>>> > Anyone facing similar problems? Any suggestions?
>>> >
>>> > Thank you,
>>> >
>>> > Pandelis Perakakis
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