[Eeglablist] Source Localization on Babies

Pär Nyström Par.Nystrom at psyk.uu.se
Thu Dec 8 03:10:21 PST 2005

Dear Sara,

we are also working with localization of independent components in infants and
found useful information about your requested parameters in:

Grieve et al. (2003), "Spatial correlation of the infant and adult
electroencephalogram", Clinical Neurophysiology 114, 1595-1608.

However, these parameters doesn't match the adult head-mesh when you make your
head-plots. We havn't found any solutions for this problem yet.

Best regards/
Pär Nyström
Dept of Psychology
Uppsala University

Citerar Sara Graziadio <Sara.Graziadio at newcastle.ac.uk>:

> I was planning to localize independent components on data recorded on
> babies from birth to two years during a longitudinally study. But the
> default values for the shell radii of brain, dura, skull, and skin and
> the correspondant shell conductances are only for an adult brain. Did
> somebody already performe it and know these values or could suggest me
> where to find these information? Thank you very much.
> Sara Graziadio
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