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Hi - I missed exactly what the question about infant head electrical
parameters was but our articles
Clin Neurophysiol. 2003 Sep;114(9):1594-608.  
Spatial correlation of the infant and adult electroencephalogram.
Grieve PG, Emerson RG, Fifer WP, Isler JR, Stark RI.


Grieve PG, Emerson RG, Isler JR, Stark RI. Related Articles, Links  
Quantitative analysis of spatial sampling error in the infant and adult
Neuroimage. 2004 Apr;21(4):1260-74.  

Address the issue of infant head electrical properties and the EEG - Phil

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Dear Sara,
unfortunatly, to my knowledge, no such data exist (values for the shell 
radii of brain, dura, skull, and skin and the correspondant shell 
conductances for babies) .  If you find anything, it would be helpfull for 
me too.
kind regards,
Sarah Lippé
University of Montreal

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