[Eeglablist] CTF MEG data import

Anda Popescu apopescu at kumc.edu
Thu Dec 15 07:26:44 PST 2005

If they apply the 3rd order gradient denoising on the raw data and save
the dataset with a different name, then the correction is built in your
MEG data.

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>>> <zhdanova at post.tau.ac.il> 12/14/05 10:34 AM >>>
Hi everybody.
I am working on MEG data from CTF machine recorded at another facility
(we do
not have our own MEG :-(. I am not familiar with all the details of
acquisition process, but as far as I know there are a couple of
sensors located throughout the MEG room that record environment noise
for the
purpose of noise cancellation in the MEG signal.

I use CTF_READ to read the MEG data. My question is whether the values
by CTF_READ are already corrected for the environment noise measured by
external sensors? Does this have anything to do with the COEFS

Andrey Zhdanov,
Research Student,
Wohl Advanced Imaging Institute,
Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

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