AW: [Eeglablist] removal of event-related (time/phase-locked) variancefrom ongoing oscillatory activity (cf. Makeig '93)

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You can use intertrial variance described in:

Kalcher J and Pfurtscheller G. Electroencephalogr Clin Neurophysiol
Klimesch W et al., Electroencephalogr Clin Neurophysiol 1998;108:123-130


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variancefrom ongoing oscillatory activity (cf. Makeig '93)

Hi --

We have an EEG dataset in which participants saw visual stimuli approx.
every 2 sec. In different blocks of the task, different emotions were
elicited. We're interested in examining emotion-related
(blockwise) changes in the tonic, ongoing alpha-band activity free from
the contributions of visual stimulus event-related (time and
phase-locked) activity.

One means of doing so would be to compute a mean ERP for each
combination of subject and emotion (block), and then perform a
regression to residualize the variance from each event-locked segment
that can be predicted by that individual's mean ERP during that block.
Examination of the pattern of correlations would also be infomative
about assumption violations (eg, changes in the single-trial ERP over
time might be revealed by a monotonic slope in the correlation coeff x
time plot).

My question is: Is this a reasonable means of removing event-locked
(time- and phase-locked) variance from the ongoing EEG record?

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