[Eeglablist] "Subtract individual subject mean spectrum"--- What does this option do??

arno delorme arno at ucsd.edu
Fri Jun 13 01:34:31 PDT 2008

Dear Jain,

the "subtract mean individual spectrum" option subtracts the mean  
spectrum (all channels) from the spectrum of each of the channel. This  
can be useful because most often spectrum values cary widely across  
subjects. Using this trick only the spectrum variation across the mean  
for each subject is visualized.

Hope this helps,


> When I press "Params", I get the option "Subtract individual subject  
> mean spectrum". I get a different result when I select and not  
> select this particular option.
> I want to know, what exactly this options does? When I looked at the  
> frequency graphs using this option selected, the morphology of the  
> frequency graphs changes compared to when the option is not selected.
> I looked in the manual but I think its not mentioned there. So, can  
> anyone explain me more about the option "Subtract individual subject  
> mean spectrum"
> -- 
> Sanket G. Jain
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