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Baris Demiral demiral.007 at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 6 03:17:39 PST 2010

Dear eeglab members,

We are using BioSemi system and need to buy some gel and double sided
adhesives (they are very convenient I should admit).
Do you have any recommendations, cheaper, better solutions?

Also, friends from the 2009 summer school, could you please e-mail me? Also,
some people in the workshop suggested planning some small scale
activities/workshops in UK on eeglab applications. I know it is a bit late I
am sending this message, but I experienced some problems with my account
which caused this delay.


SB Demiral, PhD.
Department of Psychology
7 George Square
The University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, EH8 9JZ
Phone: +44 (0131) 6503063
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