[Eeglablist] Time frequency analysis on a studyset

Cornelia McCormick cornelia.mccormick at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 7 05:59:06 PST 2010

Dear all!

We are interested in hippocampal recordings during a memory task and
collected already data from eight temporal lobe epilepsy patients. I am now
trying to run time frequency analyses with eeglab on these patients. For
every individual, this works fine but when I am creating a studyset, I
cannot click on either the tools or edit button (they are just not
highlighted anymore). I am really stuck here and cannot figure out why it
wouldn't work for more than one subject. Does anybody have some ideas? That
would be really great. Do I have to do ICA before I can access the TFA? The
thing is, I know already exactly which channel I want to analsye so I don't
need a ICA, is that right?

Thanks very much in advance for any response.

Cornelia McCormick
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