[Eeglablist] removing artifacts with ICA

Klados Manousos mklados at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 16:46:06 PST 2010

Dear Nancy I think that it is better to remove artifacts before
epoching...This doesnt mean that the application of ICA in epochs (with
proper length) is wrong...But i cant find a reason to run ICA (for artifact
rejection purposes) many times in all epochs when you can clean the signals
in a single run... On the other hand an epoch it is possible to be clean
from eye-blinks so ICA will not give you an observable artifactual
component...that doesnt mean that some components are not artifactual... For
your secong question you dont tell us exactly why you want to do
that...because ICA gots an out of memmory message in long term data??? If
that happens you can choose another BSS algorithm for the separation
procedure...Try to use JADE or ACSOBIRO which are both implemented in EEGLAB
and you can find them in runica function.

I hope to helped you...
2010/1/11 qiweijingwx <qiweijingwx at 126.com>

> Dear All,
> I want using ICA to remove noise such as eye movement, muscle movement et
> al. in
> eeglab. I have two questions about this process.
> First, which seems better, running ICA to remove noise before or after
> epoch the data?
> Second, if I want to remove artifacts before epoching data, but the file
> after merging is too big, could I remove noise separately in each file, then
> merge them together?
> Thanks in advance!
> best nancy
> 2010/01/11
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