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Ilya Adamchic dr.ilya at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 18 06:54:27 PST 2010

Dear all,

it follows from J Onton’s paper: “…… jointly decomposing data from awake
sleeping conditions might not be optimal if the EEG source locations in these
portions of the data differed……” we do need to separate 2 conditions and than
perform ICA on
each of them separately.  
guess it should not be a problem cutting out some of the data (artifacts) from
EEG recording using EEGLAB function Reject an then running ICA on this data, but then the question of
enough data arises. It was suggested in several publications to use k*n2 data
points (where k is a coefficient and n is a number of channels), to get a
stable results of the ICA.  It was suggested to use k of 20 by some (128
channel EEG) (McMenamin 2009) or even bigger. What experiences do you have? How
much data will one need to get stable ICA components in 128 channel recording?
thanks a lot for the previous answers, you help a lot. 

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