[Eeglablist] the activity power spectrum of the ICA component looks not smooth

Arnaud Delorme arno at ucsd.edu
Tue Jan 26 12:38:09 PST 2010

Dear Hui,

there was a bug in EEGLAB version 6.03b which you are probably using  
where the spectrum was only computed using 1 trial.
This was fixed about a year ago. You should download the most up to  
date version of EEGLAB.


On Jan 25, 2010, at 6:46 PM, hui zhang wrote:

> Hi there,
> After  I run the ICA. The activity power spectrum looks not smooth  
> enough. Please see the att.. Does anybody have any guess why it  
> looks like that? What should I do then? Many thanks in advance!
> Best,
> -Hui
> <Picture 2.png><ATT00001..txt>

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