[Eeglablist] the activity power spectrum of the ICA component looks not smooth

Makoto Miyakoshi mataothefifth at yahoo.co.jp
Tue Jan 26 17:56:47 PST 2010

Dear Hui,

Oh yes this is familiar to me. This is most probably because spectrum
computation mistakenly calculate only the first trial of the data. I
thought this was fixed in the updated version of EEGLAB. If you have a
reason not to use the other versions, please check EEGLAB BUGZILLA 698.
Below are the copy from there.

spectopo.m line 650

where, in my case, epoch_subset = [1 1 1 1 1 1...]. This analyzes only the
first trial. This is unacceptably misleading, so let me report this as a
blocker. I remember the same thing happened to me before and I fixed it for
myself, but this time I totally forgot it and wondered what was wrong with
my data. As a temporally solution, I added 

epoch_subset = find(epoch_subset == 1);

in the line643 after 'else'.

This does not happen when I use the ver. 6.01. I'm not sure though if this
always happens.


--- hui zhang <hzhang.lib at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> After  I run the ICA. The activity power spectrum looks not smooth
> enough.
> Please see the att.. Does anybody have any guess why it looks like
> that?
> What should I do then? Many thanks in advance!
> Best,
> -Hui
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