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Keith McConnell Keith.McConnell at cchmc.org
Fri Jan 29 06:17:12 PST 2010

Hello Gabor.

First, RR interval is a great means of doing HRV analysis.  Without
knowing much about the noise content, if you are easily identifying the
qrs complexes then an easy next step would be to simply find the max
value within each complex and assume that as the R-wave peak.  This may
be oversimplifying, though.

Good luck.


>>> "Perlaki Gabor" <perlaki at gamma.ttk.pte.hu> 1/28/2010 4:19 PM >>>
Hi all,

I've a noisy ecg and FMRIB-plugin could detect the qrs comlexes quite
well. Is
it any way to find the R-peaks using these complexes, because I think
distance would be better for HRV analysis. R-peaks are much higher than
other peaks, so they aren't affected by noise so much as Q.



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