[Eeglablist] ERSP in STUDY

isacor at us.es isacor at us.es
Mon Feb 1 00:18:35 PST 2010

Hello everyone. 
I created a study with 8 subjects and three conditions.The sampling frequency is 1024. The time window ranging from -1800 ms to 500 ms. To compute the ERSP have used the following parameters:
'cycles', [1.5 0.5], 'nfreqs', 100, 'baseline', [-1500 -1400], 'padratio', 4, 'alpha', 0.01
When I visualize ERSP activity for a certain channel, I hope that no significant activity was plotted in green. However this does not happen, or not take into account the level of significance.
Do not know if I used the appropriate parameters. When I do a merged with my 8 subjects for a condition and I use the same parameters from eeglab through 'channel time-frequency' , non-significant features are plotted in green.
In the study to the time of making the channels precompute've left anything out?
I hope your help.
Thank you.

Isabel Cordones Cano
Neurociencia y Comportamiento
Fisiología Animal Y Zoologia
Facultad de Biología, Universidad de Sevilla
Avda. Reina Mercedes 6, 41012-Sevilla

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