[Eeglablist] merging two different data sets

Michels Lars Lars.Michels at kispi.uzh.ch
Wed Feb 3 10:29:22 PST 2010

Hello everyone,


I have two different types of data (data from 1 EKG channel and one MR
data set) with the same epoch length, which are recorded at the same
time. Next, I have imported both data sets to EEGlab (as mat files). Now
I want to calculate an ICA across the two data sets. However, I do not
want to concatenate both data sets (append data set function in EEGlab)
but rather to treat them as channel 1 and 2. 


First question: is there a way in EEGlab to merge the data sets so that
they are stored in one data set but appear as two different channels?


Second question: Does is make sense to calculate an ICA on two -or more
in general- one only few channels?


Third question: For my example, a topographical plot of the single ICs
seems not to be possible, because I do not have EEG data and therefore
also no electrode location file linked. Most probably, I have to define
arbitrary EEG coordinates for my two channels?


Any comment is highly appreciated! 


Thank you!


Best regards,


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