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Hi Joe,

thanks for your reply!
I have tried various options, including using 129 channels (128 + reference) and i always get the same warning. The only way EEGLAB accepts channel locations is, when i delete all fiducials, so that number of channel locations exactly corresponds the number of actual channels (columns of data). Since I need to use DIPFIT co-registration function, i need all of them including fiducials, to align my ellectrodes.


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What about your 129th channel?  The EGI 128-channel system actually has 129 channels when you include the reference channel (Cz).



On Feb 8, 2010, at 7:05 PM, Ilya Adamchic wrote:

Hello dear Colleagues!
>I'm having an issue, with what seemed to be easy task. I try to import my scanned cannel location in to EEGLAB from EGI system (*.spf file in Cartesian system). I have 128 EEG channels and 3 fiducial points, all of this are recognized o.k. but as soon as I try to accept these channel locations by pressing OK button in Edit EEG channel window I get the following message: „The number of data channels (131) not including fiducials does not correspond to the initial numbed of channels (128), so for consistency purposes...and so on..will not accepted. ". 
>My data set contains 128 channels + 3 fisucials=131....so what am I missing...?
>Thanks a lot for all yours help.
>Best regards!
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