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Hi Ilya!
you need to uncheck the box 'channel in data array (set = yes)' for the fiducial channels, since they exist, but don't record any data. their position will remain for loccations purposes, but eeglab will know that they are not in the data matrix.
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Hello dear Colleagues!

I'm having an issue, with what seemed to be easy task. I try to import my
scanned cannel location in to EEGLAB from EGI system (*.spf file in Cartesian system). I have 128 EEG channels and 3 fiducial points, all of this are recognized
o.k. but as soon as I try to accept these channel locations by pressing OK
button in Edit EEG channel window I get the following message: „The number of
data channels (131) not including fiducials does not correspond to the initial
numbed of channels (128), so for consistency purposes...and so on..will not accepted. ". 

My data
set contains 128 channels + 3 fisucials=131....so what am I missing...?

Thanks a lot for all yours help.
Best regards!


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