[Eeglablist] DIPFIT: changing model template .loc file

Ilya Adamchic dr.ilya at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 12 16:00:26 PST 2010

Dear David,
I'm st
Did it work with suggestions from Arno concerning using your own template .loc file?
Could you please share your experience in creating a template .loc file and using it with spherical BESA model. 
As i understood from Arno's answer, one has to select a custom model and then add it in to the DIPFIT set up window as a "self made" template .loc file. Did it work in your case?
I think i have similar situation with yours. I have EGIHydroCell custom coordinates for each patient and it takes to long to manually pair all my custom channels with a standard .loc file given in EEGLAB, it simply takes to much time. 
Did you use your own spherical coordinates file or some standard average? 
I think there are some files for EGIHydroCel in BESA, that one could use, but they are in Carthesian coordinates. 

Arno, is there possibly some other suggestion, how to quicker co-register 128 HydroCell channel location file (with electrodes marked E1-E129)?

Thank you guys for your comments!
Best regards,

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