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Ilya Adamchic dr.ilya at yahoo.com
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Hi Tarik,
now it works! Many thanks to Marina Oliveira. 
In this case, i had 128 "Real channels", 3 fiducials and 1 reference. 
I unchecked  the box "Channel in data array (set = yes)" for all "channels": fiducials and reference (so i unchecked this box 4 times).
Than it worked. From 3D plot i can see, that the fiducials and reference are placed where they belong.
I agree, this issue is not good enough described in Manual, probably one could add a couple of additional words, describing how can one technically, in the GUI interface, add fiducials and reference to the data set. 
Marina, thanks again!

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Hello Ilya,

I've had a similar issue, and it's not clear from documentation or eeglablist
what exactly is needed. I think more detailed step by step instructions
are needed to make it so that users don't get stuck at these basic steps.
I've developed some workarounds, but I have not been doing source localization.

1. First if the data is re-referenced or average referenced before going into eeglab,
then don't export the reference channel from Netstation.

2 Second you may want to use a different file of electrode locations
that matches your data, i.e., has 131 locations, or that recognizes fiducials.

Good luck and do let us know what you figure out so others don't suffer!

All the best,

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On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 12:05 AM, Ilya Adamchic <dr.ilya at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello dear Colleagues!
>I'm having an issue, with what seemed to be easy task. I try to import my scanned cannel location in to EEGLAB from EGI system (*.spf file in Cartesian system). I have 128 EEG channels and 3 fiducial points, all of this are recognized o.k. but as soon as I try to accept these channel locations by pressing OK button in Edit EEG channel window I get the following message: „The number of data channels (131) not including fiducials does not correspond to the initial numbed of channels (128), so for consistency purposes...and so on..will not accepted. ". 
>My data set contains 128 channels + 3 fisucials=131....so what am I missing...?
>Thanks a lot for all yours help.
>Best regards!
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