[Eeglablist] gradient cleaning

Nikolay Novitskiy nikolai.novitski at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 14:20:53 PST 2010

Dear Gabor,

It is not really a probelm to clean the gradients without volume 
triggers. E.g. Bergen plugin
(http://fmri.uib.no/tools/manual_bergen_plugin.pdf) has an option to 
detect the gradient onset form your raw EEG (ECG, EMG, whatever). It 
doesn't matter how many channels you have, average arteifact subtraction 
works channel by channel.  The only thing  you  may take care of is that 
your data contains only real gradient onsets and doesn't include short  
RF onsets in the beginning of recording. And it is also good to know 
your TR at least approximately.
Please, ask if you have more questions.


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