[Eeglablist] non-EEG channel

Francesco Vespignani francesco.vespignani at unitn.it
Fri Mar 26 05:24:09 PDT 2010

Dear users and developers,
I'm wondering about the possibility to include in the EEG dataset 
structure non-EEG channels that contains other signals such as EMG, SC, 
voice recordings, eye coordinate ... (same sampling rate or resampled 
according to the EEG data) that could be epoched and averaged but 
systematically excluded from ICA, filtering, mapping and other 
EEG-specific computations and maybe have a descriptor field about the 
type unit of the measure.
Clearly it is possible to workaround by assigning no channel location 
property to these channels and exclude them in every EEG-specific 
operation. But it could be useful to have a way to automatically do all 
this. Are there plans for implementing something like this or does this 
possibility already exists (and I did not found it ....)?
Thanks in advance

Francesco Vespignani

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