[Eeglablist] how is trial phase-sorting determined for a RANGE of frequencies?

Matthew Belmonte belmonte-bulk at mit.edu
Fri Apr 2 08:49:32 PDT 2010

I have what is perhaps a very basic question about phase-sorting in ERP plots.
When I select Plot->Channel ERP image, and if in the "Sort trials by phase"
section of the pop-up window I were to fill in the range "5 30" rather than a
single, narrow-band frequency, how is the phase information across frequencies
combined to yield a single, linearly ordered sort key on which the trials are
arranged?  I can see how this sort key is unambiguously and straightforwardly
defined for a single frequency (or in general for a narrowband range that's
less than the frequency granularity permitted by the number of time points
under consideration), but I'm having trouble visualising how it's determined
for a broadband range.

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