[Eeglablist] how is trial phase-sorting determined for a RANGE of frequencies?

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Mon Apr 5 07:47:20 PDT 2010

Matthew -

In the erpimage() function, specifying a range of frequencies causes the
function to select a frequency in the given range with highest power in the
data (i.e., the peak frequency). This frequency is given when the power and
ITC time courses are also plotted below the ERP-image panel.

Scott Makeig

On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 8:49 AM, Matthew Belmonte <belmonte-bulk at mit.edu>wrote:

> I have what is perhaps a very basic question about phase-sorting in ERP
> plots.
> When I select Plot->Channel ERP image, and if in the "Sort trials by phase"
> section of the pop-up window I were to fill in the range "5 30" rather than
> a
> single, narrow-band frequency, how is the phase information across
> frequencies
> combined to yield a single, linearly ordered sort key on which the trials
> are
> arranged?  I can see how this sort key is unambiguously and
> straightforwardly
> defined for a single frequency (or in general for a narrowband range that's
> less than the frequency granularity permitted by the number of time points
> under consideration), but I'm having trouble visualising how it's
> determined
> for a broadband range.
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