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Simon O' Regan simonor at rennes.ucc.ie
Tue Apr 6 09:26:41 PDT 2010


My name is Simon O' Regan; I'm a PhD researcher with the EEDSP group at
University College Cork, Ireland, focusing on artefact detection and removal
in EEG. I'm particularly interested in artefacts caused by movement. To this
end, I have collected a movement artefact database of approximately 300
minutes, comprising artefacts resulting from some typical movements which
would be encountered in an ambulatory setting. This database is currently
being annotated, and will be used to train and develop artefact detection
and removal algorithms.

However, for most accurate testing of the algorithms, natural EEG (i.e. EEG
where the patient has not been instructed to perform specific movements, nor
indeed to abstain from certain movements) would be most appropriate. I'm
wondering if anyone on the mailing list is aware of such a labelled artefact
database for movement artefacts.

I am currently aware of the (epilepsy-based) EEG databases at Bonn,
Freiberg, Tampere and Queensland.

I would appreciate any suggestions/help you can give,






Simon O' Regan

PhD. Student,

Biomedical Signal Processing,

Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 

University College Cork, Ireland


Tel: (021) 4903156

Email: simonor at rennes.ucc.ie

Web: http://rennes.ucc.ie/~simonor/



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