[Eeglablist] Problems with reading sensor positions for EGI's Hydrocell 128 Net

Ilya Adamchic dr.ilya at yahoo.com
Mon May 3 14:52:45 PDT 2010

Hi Schwiedrzik,
Try this file, it is a EGI Hydro_Cell 128 channel file. It should work.

From: Caspar M. Schwiedrzik <schwiedrzik at mpih-frankfurt.mpg.de>
To: eeglablist at sccn.ucsd.edu
Sent: Mon, May 3, 2010 2:10:09 PM
Subject: [Eeglablist] Problems with reading sensor positions for EGI's Hydrocell 128 Net

Dear all,
I am trying to read in the sensor positions for EGI's Hydrocell 128
Net. I have an SFP file that was provided by EGI (Hydrocel GSN 128
It has the following structure:

E1      6.60688      6.30230     -2.94229
E2      6.04082      7.65872     0.350950
E3      4.41106      8.71481      3.50199

When I read it in in EEGlab, all sensor positions seem to be rotated
by 90 degrees.
Unfortunately, I didn't find any other file on the EGI FTP server.

I guess somebody must have solved this problem. Any hints how to read
in the sensor positions properly or anyone with another file that
Thanks and kind regards,
Caspar M. Schwiedrzik
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