[Eeglablist] artifacts in time freq plots

Makoto Miyakoshi mataothefifth at yahoo.co.jp
Tue May 11 19:46:38 PDT 2010

Dear Ondrej,

I replicated your results. This is shocking actually.
I also found that the problem is probably in baseline subtraction because
when I set 'baseline', NaN, the result seems right.


--- ondrej lassak <tehuberpro at gmail.com> wrote:

> I fed the TF analysis single sinusoid 6 and 12Hz and the TF plot
> shows
> multiple specral lines (more than two).
> How can one rely on the TF when it introduces such massive artifacts
> both in
> pure FFT spectrogram and Wavelet scalogram?
> Or am I doing something wrong? When only one freq during the whole
> time span
> is present the TF plots look like really bad moira and the presence
> of the
> freq is apparent only from the summation over time (left from the 
> main
> plot).
> The matlab report with function calls and resulting pictures is
> attached
> below (no scripts embedded in the html).
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