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Gaurav Garg Garg-G at email.ulster.ac.uk
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Dear Dr. Martin,

I have tried many things but I think the only solution which worked best for me is to move to 64-bit OS with supporting 64-Bit MATLAB as well.

Other solutions are generally, splitting that data in smaller frames/files then using it for processing and then after all the processing with all the frames you need to merge them may help you, also downsampling (e.g. 200Hz) to less number  of data points can reduce the memory requirement as less number of data points will be left there but this step will reduce the resolution as well.

Hope this would be able to solve your problem.


Best Regards,
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Dear colleagues,

I'm a new user of EEGLAB and I think I have some problems with the RAM. I'm working with MatLab 7.10.0 (R2010a) and EEGLAB v8.0.3.5b. I'm using Windows XP with 3.21 GB RAM. When i want to load a dataset of a colleague in set file format (set file 5 MB und the fdt file with 400 MB) i get the message "out of memory" in a "fread Out error" window. The "memory" command in MatLab shows the following informations:

Maximum possible array:              83 MB (8.720e+007 bytes) *
Memory available for all arrays:    510 MB (5.343e+008 bytes) **
Memory used by MATLAB:              288 MB (3.019e+008 bytes)
Physical Memory (RAM):             3292 MB (3.451e+009 bytes)

*  Limited by contiguous virtual address space available.
** Limited by virtual address space available.

It looks that MatLab gets not enough memory. I already used older EEGLAB version, but that do not work as well. Did you have any advice for me?

Thanks a lot,

best regards,


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