[Eeglablist] improving coherence estimates

Stanley Klein sklein at berkeley.edu
Sat May 29 02:40:37 PDT 2010

Dear EEGlab,
   In three days we'll be presenting a poster at a brain-computer
interface (BCI) conference in Monterey, CA on the topic of how to
reduce noise in coherence estimates for BCI purposes. I would
like to ask EEGlab whether the two approaches of the poster have
already been published or discussed. I'm not familiar with prior
work on it and I would really like to know before I make a fool of

1) The usefulness of removing the ERP before calculating coherence.
Our simulations are the main topic of the poster.

2) The usefulness of using Cauchy wavelets as filters for time-frequency
analysis when one wants high resolution in time (like 1 to 1.5 cycles).
These filters have rapid falloff at low temporal frequencies so they are
appropriate for the 1/f nature of EEG noise.

Again, I'd be grateful for any leads to articles on either of this items.
And I look forward to seeing some of you in Monterey.

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