[Eeglablist] Number of subjects on study

Pedro R. Almeida palmeida at fpce.up.pt
Wed Jun 16 11:56:28 PDT 2010


We´re just starting to use EEGLAB to process a few files from two groups of
subjects. Everything has worked fine up to the point when we had to plot channel
grandaveraged ERPs and get channel statistics for the ERP timecourse. It seems
EEGLAB won´t accept more than 37 subjects per study. As soon as we include a
38th subject and ask for a channel ERP plot we get the following message:

Reading erp data...??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in ==> std_readerp>std_readerpsub at 485
    if isfield(erpstruct, 'labels'), chanlab{k} = erpstruct.labels{k}; end;

Error in ==> std_readerp at 220
                    if strcmpi(dtype, 'erp') alldata{c, g} = std_readerpsub(
ALLEEG, setinds{c,g}(:), allinds{c,g}(:), opt.timerange)';

Error in ==> std_erpplot at 322
        [STUDY erpdata alltimes] = std_readerp(STUDY, ALLEEG, 'channels',
opt.channels, 'timerange', opt.timerange, ...

Error in ==> pop_chanplot at 302
            eval(a); STUDY.history =  sprintf('%s\n%s',  STUDY.history, a);

We've searched the mailing list and found no such problem, so we must be getting
something basic wrong.
We´re not getting any further problems with other plots or measures on the
channel or components analysis. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Pedro Almeida


Pedro R. Almeida

Neuropsychophysiology Laboratory
Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
University of Porto
Rua Dr. Manuel Pereira da Silva
4200-392 Porto (Portugal)
Tel. +351 226079700 (ext. 301)
Site: http://www.fpce.up.pt/labpsi/
Email: palmeida at fpce.up.pt

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