[Eeglablist] checkset converts data to single precision if not matlab r11 r12 or r13?

Arnaud Delorme arno at ucsd.edu
Mon Jun 21 07:20:17 PDT 2010

Dear Krysta,

> Looks like checkset is converting data to single precision if the Matlab version used isn't R11-13; is this on purpose?

yes, this is on purpose to save memory, although you can force EEGLAB to use double precision by checking the appropriate checkbox in the memory menu. Also EEGLAB does not support version 11 (5.3) to 13 (6.5) any more, only version 7.x (2004 onward).

>  Looks like filtfilt won't take single-precision data, from some of its early parameter-checking.

Yes, we have heard about this but have not encountered this problem ourselves (except as a bug in Matlab 7.0.0 but I think a more recent version of Matlab is having this problem as well). We will change the function so that it converts data to double precision prior to running filtfilt. For now, you may simply toggle the memory option prior to filtering.


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