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Guillaume Rousselet g.rousselet at psy.gla.ac.uk
Mon Jun 21 09:24:43 PDT 2010

Hosting Journal: Frontiers in Perception Science

Topic Title: Single-trial analyses of behavioural and neuroimaging  
data in perception and decision-making.

Host Editors: Guillaume A. Rousselet, Cyril R. Pernet, Paul Sajda


The cognitive psychology of perception and decision-making is at a  
cross-road. Most studies still employ categorical designs, a priori  
classified stimuli and perform statistical evaluations across  
subjects. However, a shift has been observed in recent years towards  
parametric designs in which the information content of stimuli is  
systematically manipulated to study the single-trial dynamics of  
behaviour (reaction times, eye movements) and brain activity (EEG,  
MEG, fMRI). By using the information contained in the variance of  
individual trials, the single-trial approach goes beyond the activity  
of the average brain:  it reveals the specificity of information  
processing in individual subjects, across tasks and stimulus space,  
revealing both inter-individual commonalties and differences. This  
special issue provides theoretical and empirical support for the study  
of single-trial data.

Topics of particular interest include:

1.    description of the richness of information in single-trials and  
how it can be successfully extracted;
2.    statistical issues related to measures of central tendency,  
control for multiple comparisons, multivariate approaches,  
hierarchical modelling and characterization of individual differences;
3.    how manipulation of the stimulus space can allow for a direct  
mapping of stimulus properties onto brain activity to infer dynamics  
of information processing and information content of brain states;
4.    how results from different brain imaging techniques can be  
integrated at the single-trial level.

Abstract Submission Deadline: September 01, 2010

Article Submission Deadline: January 03, 2011

Link to Special Topic: http://www.frontiersin.org/psychology/perceptionscience/specialtopics/98/

The publishing fee for contributors amounts to €900, and a further  
reduction to €720 for Frontiers Associate Editors.

Like all research published with Frontiers, the articles will be  
freely available to all of our readers on our website, and all Special  
Topic articles receive a DOI and are indexed in the National Institute  
of Health’s electronic depository of full text articles, PubMed  
Central, and many other international archives (Google Scholar,  
Directory of Open Access Journal, Psych INFO). Frontiers is also in  
the process of being archived in Thompson Scientific (ISI), and Web of  

Frontiers has also announced that in the very near future, all  
published Special Topics will be available to view and download in an  
eBook format!

For more information, you may refer to the Frontiers’ Special Topic  
page, where you can get further guidance and browse past Special Topics.
<< http://www.frontiersin.org/specialtopicspage/ >>

With best regards,

Guillaume Rousselet
Associate Editor, Frontiers in Perception Science
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