[Eeglablist] Opening MEG Files

Andrew Jahn andrew.jahner at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 11:18:18 PDT 2010


We have been using BESA to process MEG data, but we are just now trying to
also look at it in EEGlab.  When opening up a MEG file, it appears to want a
.ds folder.  There are two .ds folders for each run in each subject's
directory, which contain a .acq, .hc, .ist, .meg4, .newds, .res4, and .trig
file.  When we try to read one of these into EEGlab, we get the following

"Output argument "markers" (and maybe others) not assiged during call to

Is there a specific way that the .ds folder needs to be set up?  There is
another .meg4 file in each subject's folder which is much larger, and is the
file we have been reading into BESA.  However, EEGlab seems to want an
entire folder, and we were unsure whether it needs to contain specific files
for EEGlab to work.


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