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Dear Dorothy,

thank you for a nice tutorial. I would like to make a note to a problem
of the ERSP of  difference vs. difference of ERSPs. 

In your example you are using a fixed phase, which advances the first
approach (the ERSP of difference) as you showed, but in a case that the
induced activity is not phase aligned, then the second approach
(difference of ERSPs) should bring you more sensitive results.

With kind regards,

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To try and ensure I understand time-frequency analysis, I am writing a
simplified introduction that assumes little background knowledge.
I have adopted the approach of using simplified simulated signals to
allow users to explore what happens with different command parameters.
A draft, just covering aspects of ERSP can be found on

I hope it might be useful to others, but it is a case of the blind
leading the blind, and there may be errors in it.
Comments and corrections would be very welcome - I'd be especially
grateful if someone knowledgeable would look at it and let me know if
I've got things wrong.

One reason I did this was because I wanted to compare results on ERSP in
a mismatch paradigm when you
a) subtracted condition 1 from condition 2 and then did ERSP on the
difference waveform
b) Did ERSP on condition 1 and condition 2, and subtracted the resulting

My simulations suggest (a) is more sensitive, but I'd be interested in
other views on this.

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