[Eeglablist] high density EEG, source localization and electrode positions

Guillaume Rousselet g.rousselet at psy.gla.ac.uk
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Sara, this article and maybe more recent ones from this group might  
answer your question:




On 29 Jul 2010, at 11:27, Sara Graziadio wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> We are setting up an ERP study with high density EEG (128  
> electrodes). We would like to localize sources from the ERP  
> components and possibly to relate these data with fMRI activations.  
> We would have MRI data of the subjects. We are now in the process of  
> considering the possibility to use the Polhemus to digitalize the  
> electrode positions and we found out that there are no papers (at  
> least that I can find) that compare the accuracy of source  
> localization with high density EEG adding the information about the  
> positions of all the 128 electrodes, or of just a part of them (for  
> example 30 evenly spread on the scalp and including some of the more  
> external positions), or just using the standard 10-10 system  
> locations. Does anybody of you have any thoughts about it? Have you  
> had ever tried to compare the 3 options I have described?
> Thank you very much
> Best wishes
> Sara Graziadio, PhD
> Research Associate
> Newcastle University
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