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dnewby at une.edu.au dnewby at une.edu.au
Tue Aug 10 04:15:37 PDT 2010


This is a very basic question related to creating topographic maps in
EEGLAB using Neuroscan .avg file - I attach a .pdf with one of the maps
created with EEGLAB and the same one in Neuroscan where many channels
(e.g., T6) are out of boundaries for EEGLAB cap compared with the original

I tried to delete certain channels of no great interest (e.g., HEOR) and
when I tried to plot, received an error message saying that channel number
does not correspond to original 40 and hence plot was not created.

How could I "push" all original (Neuroscan) 40 channels to be within the
boundaries of EEGLAB cap without losing/deleting any channels?

Thanks for any advice.


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