[Eeglablist] help: source reconstruction with time course

Antonio Ibáñez anjoibanez at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 03:15:16 PDT 2010

Hello i think what you obtain is the best fitting dipoles for every
component in the entire time interval; that is, only one solution for the
entire interval. Even though you have the same number of components and
electrodes, you probably want to fit only those that explain more than 90%
of the variance in the data. If  I am not wrong, dipole models solutions
always give you a limited number of sources (max = number of electrodes). If
you want to obtain more sources you may consider a distributed model for the
inverse solution. For a discussion about different solutions, see Michel et
al. (2004). EEG source imaging. Clinical Neurophisiology, 115.

I believe that the spherical settings can be modified in 'Head model and
settings', selecting the 'custom model files' option as a model.

hope this helps,


2010/8/10 ludwing torres <lutobu at gmail.com>

> Hello. Im trying to perform a source reconstruction from a 10-20 system of
> 19 channel locations, after I perform ICA, I go for dipole fitting using
> dipfit, and I obtain exactly the same number of dipoles than the number of
> channels, and I only get  the positions at a single time moment.
> My question is: How can I  get the source reconstruction of the dipoles in
> the entire timecourse of the signals of the channels, and why I am obtaining
> the same number of sources: isn't it supposed to be greater the number of
> sources than the number of scalp measures?
> Another thing is: if I have the radius of the spherical head model, how can
> I use this volume and conductance configurations rather than those that
> already exist in eeglab?
> thank you for all your replies
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