[Eeglablist] Release of eConnectome 1.0 full version

Han Yuan yuanx041 at umn.edu
Thu Aug 19 20:26:06 PDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to announce the release of the full-version eConnectome 1.0.
eConnectome is a free open-source MATLAB software package for imaging brain
functional connectivity from electrophysiological signals. It provides
interactive graphical interfaces for EEG/ECoG preprocessing, source
estimation, connectivity analysis and visualization. The beta-version of
eConnectome 1.0b was previously released on March 12, 2010. The current
release of full version 1.0 has been much enhanced and expanded. 


The eConnectome 1.0 allows the connectivity imaging from EEG and ECoG over
the sensor and source domains. The new features of the full version include
functions of adaptive connectivity analysis, processing of event-related
potential and event-related (de)synchronization, and individual anatomic
modeling. The visualization module has been enhanced to provide dynamic view
of continuous potential mapping and adaptive connectivity network. It now
supports exporting the images or movies into a variety of formats. Previous
bugs of the 1.0b version reported during the beta testing have also been


This package is designed for use by researchers in neuroscience, psychology,
cognitive science, clinical neurophysiology, neurology and other
disciplines. The graphical interface-based platform requires little
programming knowledge or experience with MATLAB.


eConnectome is developed by the Biomedical Functional Imaging and
Neuroengineering Laboratory at the University of Minnesota, directed by Dr.
Bin He. The visualization module is jointly developed with Drs. Fabio
Babiloni and Laura Astolfi at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". 


Free download of eConnectome and more information can be found at


Sincerely yours,


Bin He, PhD

Distinguished McKnight University Professor

Director, Biomedical Functional Imaging and Neuroengineering Laboratory

Director, Center for Neuroengineering

University of Minnesota


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