[Eeglablist] Paired t-tests on the STUDY data : frequency data

Tadi Tej tej.tadi at epfl.ch
Sat Sep 4 11:48:03 PDT 2010

Dear all,

I ran the paired t-tests in the STUDY option for two conditions in eeglab  with  a  p-value < 0.05 and  FDR.
I plotted all conditions on the same panel and i see:

1. the power map for the 1st condition and second condition only for the chosen frequency ? or do i see the difference of cond1-cond2?

2. and on the extreme right the map significant differences of the channels that pop up significantly different between the two conditions.

3. How do  i plot the scalp maps for a whole band ( eg: 8-14Hz) or can i modify this outside the study options? now i can plot this for one frequency.

4. How do i plot the scalp map for the difference ( cond1-cond2 and not p- value) between two conditions for a frequency range or a particular band like above.

Thanks a ton


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