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Wed Sep 22 11:23:53 PDT 2010

Dear EEGLAB list,

FASTER -- Fully Automated Statistical Thresholding for EEG artifact Rejection -- is a software suite that works in tandem with EEGLAB. FASTER is a fully automated, unsupervised method for processing of high density EEG data.//FASTER/  /has been peer-reviewed, it is free and the software is open source. At the moment there is a GUI that can be called from the Matlab command line and we are currently working on implementing FASTER as a plugin for EEGLAB.

The reference is: Nolan, H., Whelan, R.,&  Reilly, R.B. (2010). FASTER: Fully Automated Statistical Thresholding for EEG artifact Rejection./Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 192/, 152-162.

For more information, and to download the program, please visit:http://www.mee.tcd.ie/~neuraleng/Research/Faster  <http://www.mee.tcd.ie/%7Eneuraleng/Research/Faster>

Please email me robert.whelan at tcd.ie if you have any questions.

Robert, Hugh&  Richard

Robert Whelan, PhD
Senior Research Scientist

Trinity Centre for Bioengineering
Trinity College Dublin

Department of Neurology
St. Vincent's University Hospital
Elm Park, Dublin 4

webpage: http://www.mee.tcd.ie/~neuraleng/People/Robert

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