[Eeglablist] Using ICA with interpolated channels

Philip Michael Zeman pzeman at alumni.uvic.ca
Tue Sep 28 09:03:42 PDT 2010

Hello Jordi

there are a number of methods of interpolation and not all are equal. 
However, generally:

an interpolated channel is the linear combination of 2 or more other real 
EEG channels.

Hence, a new dimension of data is not being created by doing the 

Hence, the interpolated channel does not benefit the ICA process.

This said,

it is pemissible to interpolate channels of back-projected (scalp projected) 
components "after" applying ICA.


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> Dear EEGlab users,
> this question arose when reading the new FASTER method, but I think is of 
> general importance for all of us. Is it correct to perform an ICA on a 
> dataset in which some of the channels have been interpolated?
> thanks,
> Jordi
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