[Eeglablist] running fmrib pluging on sge cluster

Agatha Lenartowicz alenarto at ucla.edu
Thu Oct 14 16:26:16 PDT 2010

Dear experts who work on SGE clusters ~ 

I am running the fmrib plugin for removing BCG artefacts - on an SGE cluster. I launch an interactive session using:

qrsh -V -l i,h_rt=1:00:00,mem=4G -pe shared 8 -now n -N matlab cd /u/home/FMRI/mscohen/alenarto; matlab -desktop  

This allocates 4G*8node memory for my session. And yet I get out-of-memory errors. Any thoughts on what's going on? The fMRIB plugin can definitely handle my data in matlab - b/c it runs fine on my 4GB laptop.

Any help would be appreciated... 

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