[Eeglablist] fmrib plugin on linux SGE cluster

Agatha Lenartowicz alenarto at ucla.edu
Fri Oct 15 15:17:55 PDT 2010

Hi all - I am having lot's of problems running the fmrib plugin on a linux machine - SGE cluster. I first see errors about mex files (which I then recompiled) - that are then replaced by out of memory errors.

The out of memory errors are not right (I've tried assigning 32 G to my job with no luck). The analysis works just fine on my laptop (OSX 4G memory - same dataset and same EEGLAB version (in EEGLAB 9_0_2_2b).

If anyone has seen this before - do let me know! Doing this cleaning on my home machine works but is mighty slow.


Agatha Lenartowicz, Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Scholar
Laboratory of M.S. Cohen

UCLA Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
760 Westwood Plaza, Suite 17-369
Los Angeles, CA 90095


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