[Eeglablist] 2011 ERP Boot Camp

Emily Kappenman eskappenman at ucdavis.edu
Wed Nov 17 13:40:39 PST 2010

The UC-Davis ERP Boot Camp, an NIH-funded summer workshop on the ERP
technique, will be held July 11-20 2011. Please forward this
announcement to students, postdocs, and faculty who might be
interested in attending.  (For additional information, see

The ERP Boot Camp is a 10-day introduction to the ERP technique held
each summer at UC Davis. It is intended for beginning and intermediate
ERP researchers, and for both basic scientists and
clinical/translational researchers.

The topics will include:

1) Where do ERPs come from? What do they mean?
2) ERP components
3) The design and interpretation of ERP experiments
4) EEG data acquisition
5) Filtering, artifact rejection, and artifact correction
6) Measuring and analyzing ERP components
7) ERP localization
8) Time-frequency analysis
9) Setting up and running an ERP lab

The Boot Camp consists of lectures on these topics, structured
discussions, individual consultations, and a substantial laboratory
component.  It is led by Steve Luck, and the faculty includes many
distinguished ERP researchers from UC Davis and other universities.

Participants at previous Boot Camps have come from around the world
and have ranged from beginning graduate students to full professors.
They have included psychologists, neuroscientists, psychiatrists,
neurologists, and speech pathologists. Typically, we expect that
students and postdocs should have had at least 6 months of significant
ERP (or related) experience before attending the Boot Camp.

We strongly encourage the participation of individuals from
underrepresented groups.

Funding is available from NIMH to defray some or all of the costs of
attending the Boot Camp, and scholarships will be provided to all
participants who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
Unfortunately, scholarships are not available for international
participants. We typically accept 25-28 U.S. citizens and permanent
residents, along with 2-5 international participants.

The application consists of a CV, a 1-2 page statement of background
and interests, and (for students and postdocs) a letter of

Applications for the 2011 session are now being accepted at
erpinfo.org/the-erp-bootcamp. Applications are due on March 1, 2011.
Questions should be directed to erpbootcamp at gmail.com.

Emily S. Kappenman
UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain
267 Cousteau Place
Davis, CA 95618
eskappenman at ucdavis.edu

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