[Eeglablist] problems importing neuroscan .cnt with trigger information

Jordi Costa Faidella jordicostafa at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 10:05:31 PST 2010

dear eeglab users,

I'm having a problem when importing neuroscan .cnt files into eeglab format with the triggers. It is the first time I'm doing an experiment in which the participants need to give an answer by pressing a button, so never before I had to face this issue. The trigger for the answer appears in the .cnt file while recording it, while viewing it with neuroscan software and when extracting the .evt or .ev2 files. However, when I import the .cnt into eeglab, those triggers coding the participant's answers are missing. If I try to import the .cnt and then an .ev2 file eeglab gives me an error. However, I wouldn't like to depend on neuroscan software, and as long as the trigger information is in the .cnt file, there should be a way to import the .cnt into eeglab with the information of all triggers. Does anyone faced this problem before? I would be very pleased if someone could help me or post some written script to solve this issue.

thank you a lot,

Jordi Costa Faidella

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