[Eeglablist] Neuromag sensor locations

Brian Murphy brian.murphy at unitn.it
Sun Nov 21 03:24:26 PST 2010

Hi Max,

I have some routines that take MEG sensor locations, and EEG electrode 
locations (recorded with a Polhemus system) and transform them into a 
common EEGLAB space. The scripts are pretty preliminary and brittle, but 
I'd be happy to share them,


> Hello EEGlabbers,
> I'm trying to import sensor locations from my .fif files out of a neuromag machine and can't get to stick it into eeglab structure.
> Has anyone ever transformed sensor locations from neuromag to eeglab?
> Any help is appreciated,
> Thank you,
> Max

Brian Murphy
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Language, Interaction and Computation Lab
Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences
University of Trento

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