[Eeglablist] cognitive levels

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Hi Kartik,

I would suggest reading the presentation from the 12th EEGLAB workshop "Time-Frequency analysis of biophysical time series", by Dr.Arnaud Delorme. The frequency ranges are:
30-60 Hz  gamma
18-21 Hz  beta
9-11 Hz  alpha
4-7 Hz  theta
0.5-2 Hz  delta

Perhaps it's good to record at least 20 minutes for basic three cognitive states; sleep, alert, high-alert. Then import EEG data>filter the data>basic FIR filter. In pop_eegfilt() just enter values in lower edge of the frequency pass band (Hz) and higher edge of the
frequency pass band (Hz). Then Tools>Run ICA.  In this way you can generate datasets for training and use function classify from statistics toolbox: 
class = classify(sample,training,group,type,prior).

FFT can help in the sense that training and classification are done more accurately in time-frequency domain.


I. Jaganjac   

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hi all,
         how much minimum data should one record to classify a eeg wave
dominance(alpha,beta).how to classify a cognitive state.is there a
possibility to predict exactly by fft?

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