[Eeglablist] Remove components from data

André Schmidt andre.schmidt at bli.uzh.ch
Wed Dec 22 02:15:03 PST 2010

Dear all


I will try to remove certain components from my EEG data after ICA to
correct for eye movements. After detecting the eye  components by maps more
or less distinctly , I removed those. 

Now I have following problems: Firstly, I cannot see this correction in the
frontal electrodes, what means the eye movement is still there. And
secondly, I will import this file into SPM to estimate effective
connectivity, but SPM was not able to convert the file. 


In analyzer software, I have to back-transform after ica. Is this analogous
in eeglab and when yes how is this tool called? Or what do you recommend me?


Thanks in advance


Kindly regards

André Schmidt

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